Touma ‘s the style of one to acts prior to the guy believes

Touma ‘s the style of one to acts prior to the guy believes

They can never ever merely sit around on viewing individuals in the a beneficial touch and certainly will check out great lengths to protect or help the person. This he does at the high chance in order to themselves, and that generally results in him becoming hospitalized for days immediately following for every single conflict. When fighting definitely up against an especially solid opponent, Touma will always earliest declare that he’ll “damage that fantasy” out of theirs, prior to actually interesting. Regardless of if that is only section of Touma’s better-meaning characteristics and you may kindness. Whether or not he is into the a blank slate immediately following shedding his memory, Touma nonetheless screens this identification. In the event devoid of their thoughts, Touma cannot appear to mope along side death of them particularly, given that beliefs from their pre-empty county consistently encourage blackpeoplemeet him, making it possible for your to understand what he must do even when he does not remember as to the reasons. Yet not, just after dropping his recollections, he generally seems to approach someone a great deal more carefully, cautiously opting for exactly what feeling or feeling to display when meeting people he thinks he might know. This is certainly to get rid of them viewing as a consequence of their ruse and you can exploiting him. When Touma match Stiyl again immediately after protecting Directory, he showed complimentary and you may casualness into him and that produced Stiyl skeptical. Touma upcoming realized their mistake quickly and you will written an explanation to have their choices. [8] Touma and additionally contains no grudge into previous foes which is willing to help them once they asked for they. [9]

If in case he do do something completely wrong, Motoharu means Touma as someone who tend to carry one error every by himself, with his very own

Aiwass keeps commented you to Touma is just carrying out any type of he feels is right which is branded “righteous” because of the anyone else impulsively as he opposed the distinctions between your, Accelerator, and you can Shiage. [10] Touma is actually an individual who agrees with exactly what the guy thinks regardless of what anybody else just be sure to convince your out of. As well, Villian stated one to Touma can be like William Orwell, a person who pursue their own ideals regardless of the [11] , even though there try differences when considering both: William try someone who stays genuine in order to their ideals and you will completely believes it will be the proper street long lasting goes, and no number who talks up against it; whenever you are Touma doesn’t have put beliefs and therefore will be manipulated towards the helping other’s plots. In spite of this, the guy operates to correct his errors so you can offer an excellent laugh to help you every person’s deal with at the end of the trail, no matter the pricing so you can himself. [12]

When Himegami Aisa expected him regarding the reasons why he preserves someone, he answered: “Really don’t you need a description to store someone”

In the event he could be a properly-mannered person that was form to those as a whole, Touma cannot hesitate to strike ladies competitors just who spoil innocents or disrespect existence, such as for instance Sherry Cromwell (who was simply gonna start a battle between Technology and Faith who would make the loss of hundreds of thousands), Agnese Sanctis (who was assigned to cease Orsola), Oriana Thomson (which damage Fukiyose Seiri and you can Himegami Aisa), or Vento of Front (which desired to wreck Academy Town and you can some thing associated with research to settle her grudge on which occurred in order to her sister inside going back).

Even after his righteous and you can brave identification, Touma occasionally screens poor choice of terminology which leads to your bringing bitten of the Directory, with screws out of super thrown by the Misaka Mikoto, and you will performing dilemma towards other people he experiences.

Through the Community Battle III, just after his first conflict up against Fiamma of your own Proper, when Touma questioned Fiamma’s procedures about how rightful both try, Fiamma dared your so you’re able to face Index regarding their memory loss hence leftover Touma saddened considering the guilt. [13] During their struggle with Accelerator, the guy restored his confidence however the shame however remains with your. [14]